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The art of storytelling has been a life-long pursuit of mine. My goal is to produce a seamless translation of authorial intent - from the written word to spoken performance . My process is to identify and inhabit the emotional truth of each character. With a BA in English Literature and a decade of stage performance in my toolbox, I am well equipped to lift your story off the page. My natural style and warm feminine tone will set listeners of nonfiction at ease and will help them take in new ideas. I am fluent in French and am proficient with RP English and Scottish dialects.

I offer full narration and production services from my professional home studio. Audio editing and mastering training from Red Baarns Audio. Narration training from some of the top acting coaches in the field.

 Genres: YA * Sci-Fi * Fantasy * Mystery * Thriller * Self-Help * Spiritual * Memoire



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“I can't imagine anyone else reading my book. Senn has brought the characters to life in a way I could only have hoped for.”

~ Author James Jakins

“I'm thrilled with my finished audiobook! Senn's narration was perfect and she was professional and easy to work with."

~ Author Tiana Warner

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Senn Annis is a fantastic narrator! I knew from her sample work that she was exactly who I needed to bring my characters to life. She’s organized, professional, and detailed. I’m so grateful she’s the voice of Captivated by Crimson.

~ Author Brynn Myers

The narrator does a great job bringing these characters to life in addition to a cast of secondary and background characters ranging from other children to nice old ladies to one of the best voices given to a villain I’ve ever heard (seriously it’s like seeing Umbridge the first time in Harry Potter, you just know he’s not good). 
The narrator does a great job with the voices and allows for the story to flow and not being confusing with the change of perspectives
Narration by Senn Annis is solid, and her voice adds a soothing quality to the listen.
The narrator was great! Absolutely. Great. With all the twists and back and forth in time, things could have gotten confusing. That did not happen, I always knew who was talking, male or female, current day or ancient. druid or king. There was a lot of emotion and fear and wonder in this listen and that was performed incredibly well too. 


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